Check out this Boot Cube/Ski Video by Mountainsmith!

The Mountainsmith Boot Cube is sized to accommodate up to size 13 ski boots, a pair of waders or plastic mountaineering boots, the newly updated Boot Cube is the size of two basic cubes and fits perfectly in our Modular Hauler Systems. Adjustable shoulder strap, ventilation to help boots or clothing dry, ample storage for goggles and gloves, ski pass lanyard, and a reinforced bottom with grommeted drain holes round out the package. Our go-to resort and backcountry bag!



  1. Hi guys! I just got back from 5 nights on the river and wanted to share a pertinent brief trip gear report:

    1. new MOUNTAINSMITH sleeping bag – toasty comfort on the Paco under the stars!
    2. new MOUNTAINSMITH modular hauling system – handy organization in my dry box – sensed jealousy amongst the other raft guides…
    3. Bug Spray with only 3% DEET – utter failure….

    Thanks for a good time, Mountainsmith! (you mosquitoes, not so much….)

    1. @Tim…would love to see some pics…would you be interested in writing a review/trip report for us or sharing some pictures on our Facebook page? Cheers!

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