This is first entry in a two part trip report on Mountainsmith’s travels to Asia on a recent development trip. This video was taken while zooming through the street of Ho Chi Min City (Saigon), Vietnam on the return to downtown after a long day at that factory located in the more rural outskirts of the city.
Our team was fascinated by the complex dance of cars, motor bikes and bicycles that all seem to adhere to some unspoken rules of the road. This unbelievable scene is further accentuated by the non-stop hum of car engines, motor bike exhaust and the incessant honking of horns (which seems to be a very acceptable form of forcing your “right of way”).
We’ll offer up some pictures in the next entry but the motor bikes that by far make up the majority of motorized vehicles on the road are set up to cover a wide range of tasks from delivery vehicles, to date nights, to transporting a family of four.


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