After our recent sales meeting, in our hometown of Golden CO, we tacked on an extra day to play in the outdoors.  A great opportunity for our staff and sales reps to get to know each other better, recharge the Vitamin D after being inside for two days and sweat off some of the calories from the prior night’s festivities.

It was also a great chance to get the new Mountainlight packs into the field and experience how well they perform.

The MS team working up a sweat to test the performance of the Wraith 25’s breezeway back panel.

Due to weather we decided to stick to the Front Range and hike locally. Our goal was 8,549′ South Boulder Peak via the Shadow Canyon route. This 6.7 mile round trip hike would see an elevation gain of 2,904′ . We started the trip under the beautiful skies of a typical Colorado spring day.  The trail led us through rolling hills dappled with spring wild flowers and brilliant green hill sides before entering the cool timber covered, boulder filled section where Shadow Canyon’s trail climbs 2000 feet in 1.25 miles. Think Stair master…

Conversation dropped off as we entered the steeps, but the entire group made it to the top. We re-grouped and took in the amazing views of Boulder from above and the continental divide to the West.

The MS team mugging for the camera on top of South Boulder Peak

To get outside and play with co-workers is a fantastic opportunity to get real-time feed back on product and a chance to burn off the vapors of a sales meeting dinner that was maybe just a little too fun.

Time outside, every day or a week, mild or epic is good for the soul and in this case for the company.

Wraith with a view

What do you do to blow of steam or to connect with your team?

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