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This handy shoulder harness converts our Day, Tour, Tour FX, Ether 20L and Travel Trunks (L-XXL) into shoulder carry packs. Strapettes will prove to be a great addition when carrying those hefty loads. Expect to comfortably carry an extra 10-15 lbs. in our specified lumbar packs or just use as additional ergonomic comfort and stability for standard loads.

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thanks strapette
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Bought a pair about 10 years ago for my 26 year old Day lumbar pack. This winter friends and I took our kids hiking in the snow at a local state forest. Coming up out of the canton, my 5 year old daughter was too exhausted to walk the last 1/4 mile. So I hoisted my 52 lb. girl on top of my Day pack and up we went. Only possible because of the strapettes. This is one
Best Purchase EVER
by on
Bought a set of these for an older Day pack. LOVE them. I love having a smaller backpack now, and one that is much more accessible than my full size 30L bag.

Love that I can swap this over to a duffel as well. One of the most versatile and useful accessories I have ever found
Day Hiking
by on
Bought this for my lumbar pack. Works great. Easy to use. No complaints.

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Our versatile shoulder strap harness extends the usage and functionality of some of our classic styles; see below features for the compatibility of this key accessory.

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  • Detachable & adjustable shoulder strap system
  • Keep heavier loads in your lumbar pack secure against your back for ergonomic carry
  • Strapettes are compatible with the Day, Tour, Tour FX, Ether 20 and Travel Trunks
  • Stainless steel ring for lower attachment
  • Side release buckle for upper attachment
  • Bar tack reinforcements
  • 610d Cordura┬« HP
  • Nylon Webbing
  • 0.5" x 17.25" x 2.25"
  • Adds extra support for carrying heavier loads on Day, Tour, Tour FX lumbar packs - typically 5-15lbs more
  • Adds extra stability for Travel Trunks - typically up to 65lbs
  • 6.4 oz / 0.18 kgs
Fit Range:
  • 99-90004-01
  • 757894990657