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thanks strapette
by Charles on 3/14/2017
Bought a pair about 10 years ago for my 26 year old Day lumbar pack. This winter friends and I took our kids hiking in the snow at a local state forest. Coming up out of the canton, my 5 year old daughter was too exhausted to walk the last 1/4 mile. So I hoisted my 52 lb. girl on top of my Day pack and up we went. Only possible because of the strapettes. This is one
Best Purchase EVER
by Robb on 5/16/2016
Bought a set of these for an older Day pack. LOVE them. I love having a smaller backpack now, and one that is much more accessible than my full size 30L bag.

Love that I can swap this over to a duffel as well. One of the most versatile and useful accessories I have ever found
Day Hiking
by Rod on 9/27/2015
Bought this for my lumbar pack. Works great. Easy to use. No complaints.
by AJ Ellender on 9/15/2015
The strapette keeps the lumbar day pack with a heavy load from sagging especially when cross country skiing. Also, I've experience a better sense of balance with the lumbar day pack being held in place by the strapette.
Strappets user
by Chris on 9/12/2015
I use the stapettes with the Day TLS lumbar pack. The strapettes are great and significantly add to the utility of the pack.
With the strapettes you can add weight to the pack (extra water etc) while maintaining balance to the whole system.
When you first set it up I suggest you spend all the time necessary to position
the various straps, tighteners etc. Load the TLS first with your usual stuff. Like most Mountainsmith products there are a zillion way to configure everything. This is no exception. You will be rewarded with a very comfortable set up that really works. I highly recommend it.
PS I added a couple of lightweight pouches to the shoulder straps. Super for glasses, sun screen or what ever. Acquire a set of Annex Clips to do the job. Trust me...very helpful.
Five star rating.

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