Pinnacle Single

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Intermediate Hiker
by Carl on 6/15/2016
I bought these poles at the Trading Post in Kittery Maine in Sept. 2015. This is the first pair of trekking poles I ever used let alone owned. I used them twice. Once on a very easy hike to the fire tower on Overlook Mountain in Catskill, NY just to get a feel for them. Honestly, my daughter used them more than me. The second hike was definitely a good test for these poles, at least for a hiker of my caliber. I hiked the Macintyre Range in Lake Placid, NY, which includes Algonquin Peak at 5115ft. above sea level, the second highest peak in New York State, Iroquois Peak at 4843' and Wright Peak at 4587' which still has remains of a b-47 bomber that crashed into the mountain while on a mission in 1962. These poles held up great. They were most useful on the decline, assisting with rocky descents allowing me to hold up my 200lb body while I lowered myself down. It was also good for exercising my upper body, and not just my legs. They were not too heavy, or burdensome, and at the end of a 10 mile hike through the Adirondacks, they're still in great shape and ready for the next hike, except for the rubber tip covers that wore through after the first half of the hike, but that was to be expected due to the terrain. Bottom line is that I would definitely recommend these trekking poles for any beginner, or intermediate hiker (since I'm not an expert, I cant speak for them), for their durability and extremely low price when compared to other trekking poles.
Weekend Warror
by David on 6/9/2016
Great quality and very well made. The pinnacle is very sturdy and comfortable. I have used it for about 6 months now and it is holding up very well. Also very light weight and you can't beat the price. Well worth the money!!!!

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Pinnacle Single

Sold as a single three section adjustable pole, this value product offers solid features and durable performance.

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