How do I care for my backpack?

Always store your backpack in a cool, dry environment. When it comes to washing your pack, hand washing works best. Simply soak your pack in warm water with a mild detergent. Take a soft-bristle scrubbing brush and gently scrub your pack clean. Hang your pack in a cool area to dry. There are many different gear-specific washes available at most specialty outdoor retailers. If you wish to wash your lumbar pack, you can do this in a Front Loading Washer, warm water, and mild detergent. Please do not use a machine with an agitator. Always hang packs to dry.

How do I pack my backpack?

Balance and weight distribution are critical for any hike experience whether on or off trail.  Typically, one should pack heavy items centered within the pack and close to the body. The sleeping bag should always go in or on the bottom of the pack.
Pack clothing and other light gear around heavy items (i.e., a stove or climbing gear) in order to keep them from shifting.
Items you will need during the day should be packed in the top of the main compartment, the top pocket, or side pockets.
Foam pads and odd-sized equipment (such as long tent poles) can be carried on the outside of the pack. Use the appropriate accessory patches, ice-axe loop, or ski slots for these items.
Do not put heavy items like water bottles or climbing equipment in pockets located far from your back.

How do I care for my zippers?

Most zipper failures result from wear to the coating on the inside of the zipper slider. Once this coating wears off, the metal abrades quickly, and the zipper slider no longer joins the continuous plastic coils securely. The plastic coids then tend to separate behind the zipper slider. One of the keys to zipper longevity is to keep them free of sand and grit. Never step on your zipper, and clean them by washing them with a garden hose with a pressure nozzle. Also, it is important to know the expanding capacity of your pack. Over-loading your pack will put stress on your zippers and could cause failure.