ANVIL AIRWAY™ – Our open spinal column runs the length of the upper torso allowing perspiration and body heat to escape with every step down the trail. Twin elevated foam pods with sewn air channels on either side provide excellent moisture wicking. Found on select Mountainsmith All Terrain backpacks.

Cordura® brand fabrics are the perfect combination of durability, versatility and reliability. For more than 45 years, people who love the outdoors have relied on Cordura® fabrics to be as rugged as they are. When you’re out on the trail, durability is pretty much everything. Based on high-tenacity fabric technologies, Cordura® fabrics are known for their resistance to tears, rips, abrasions and punctures. Available in 305d Multi RipStop and 610d plain weave on select Mountainsmith backpacks and lumbar packs.

DELTA WING COMPRESSION™ WAISTBELT LOAD SYSTEM – Proprietary triangular webbing compression system used on Mountainsmith backpacks to pull pack load onto the waistbelt for better ergonomics of load carry and comfort. Webbing is sewn into two fabric wing attachments directly sewn to backpack providing a larger area of force to be pulled into the user’s waistbelt enabling maximum load transfer onto the hips and waist of user. Used in conjunction with Lumbar Control Point™ pad system. Available on Mountainsmith’s All Terrain and Mountainlight technical backpacks.

DURAMAX® – High tenacity nylon 6 yarn available in 210d and 420d fabric weights. Duramax® has excellent tensile and tearing strength properties and provides longer lasting durability over conventional nylons against tearing and abrasion out in the field. Available in Rip Stop, Junior Rip Stop, and plain oxford weaves on Mountainsmith’s All Terrain and Mountainlight technical packs and Lumbar packs.

ILIAC CREST SHELF™ CUP (ICS™) – Our unique in the industry waistbelt system has an exaggerated curve that covers and supports the iliac crest bone, which provides a key loading point on the musculo-skeletal system offering an opportunity to carry more pack weight on the pronounced skeletal structure of the user’s hips. This pronounced curve on the waistbelt along with our v-shaped waistbelt webbing compression enables the user to pull the pack load onto and over the hips and iliac crest bone, providing greater load transfer and user comfort. Optimally changing traditional pack carry load ratio from 60/40 to 70/30 (hips/shoulder). Used on Mountainsmith’s All Terrain and Mountainlight technical packs.

INNER SANCTUM™ – For over 30 years Mountainsmith has offered a safe and secure internal stash pocket for all of your most treasured valuables in our iconic Day and Tour lumbar packs. Perfect for wallet, keys, smartphone, and any other small, critical essentials while out exploring the world.

KODRA – Air-jet textured nylon 6.6 fabric with excellent abrasion and puncture resistance. Lighter weight and more durable than conventional nylon type canvas weaves. Used on Mountainsmith Travel Trunk bags

LUMBAR CONTROL POINT™ (LCP™) PAD SYSTEM – Our ergonomically correct lumbar padding provides a pronounced padded and angled area that fits into the lumbar region of a user’s spine. This systems provides a better fit and “lock” of the backpack against the user’s lower back, utilizing the wearer’s main structural load support of the spinal lumbar/sacrum region. Used on Mountainsmith’s Lumbar, All Terrain, and Mountainlight technical packs.

MOUNTAINLOFT™ HOLLOWFIBRES – Provides warmth and comfort in a lightweight insulative package even when wet. Hollow-core insulation traps air inside the fiber for better warmth to weight ratios and increases the overall surface area of trapped air within the fibers allowing for better breathability as well. Used on Mountainsmith sleeping bags.

High tenacity style, nylon 6 yarn available in 100d fabric weight for serious strength to weight performance. Robic has excellent tensile and tearing strength properties and provides longer lasting durability over conventional nylon 6 yarns against tearing and abrasion while out in the field. Proprietary yarn treatments allow Robic to behave as a high tenacity nylon 6.6 yarn without the added weight and cost. Available in our 100d Multi RipStop fabric on select Mountainsmith backpacks and lumbar packs.

SLINGSHOT™ TOPLID – Available on select All Terrain backpacks, our detachable top lid converts into a lumbar pack or shoulder sling for multiple carry options for short jaunts away from your next basecamp.

Unique snap fit hub design utilizes the functionality of a spoked hub insert while being able to detach for less hassle during set-up and take down of multiple tent poles. Found on select Mountains Dome 2 & 3 person tents.

Select large volume packs include a wasitbelt which incorporates a tuning fork shaped diecut framesheet that allows for cupping over the iliac crest hip bone. This internal shape allows for dynamic fitting of the padded waistbelt, helping to increase load transfer to the hips when the pack is properly adjusted. Used in conjunction with our v-shaped forward cinch webbing waistbelts, the Tuning Fork creates a perfect fit.

Acronym for Ultimate Tear Strength, a proprietary polymer coating applied to select lightweight nylon pack fabrics that allows for maximum binding of individual yarns within the fabric. This coating treatment provides excellent tensile strength and resistance to tearing at the sewn seam and, in the unfortunate occurrence of rips/tears in the field, mitigates further damage.

Acronym for Women’s Specific Design. On select Mountainsmith backpacks, we’ve designated specific regions of the pack fitment and sizing to accommodate female torso structure. Pre-curved shoulder straps and waistbelts as well as canted angles and contact points have been fine tuned to contour over a woman’s body resulting in a truer fit over unisex styles.