2024 Globetrotter

This pole offers casual comfortable styling with modern features and easy adjustment. Now with replaceable carbide tips. Sold as a single pole.

The Globetrotter offers walkers, hikers, and travelers added stability for a lifetime of adventures. Made with three durable sections of 7075 aluminum and weighing just half a pound, this pole collapses down to just 15” for portability and packability. Familiar features include a removable snow and hiking basket, a replaceable rubber boot tip, and a replaceable carbide tip for exceptional traction on all your journeys.


  • 35" (comp) - 43" (ext) / 88.9 cm (comp) - 109.2 cm (ext)
  • Cork molded T-handle
  • Aluminum Outerlock height adjustment lever
  • Three collapsible sections with vinyl coated cable connector
  • Collapses to 16" for portability/storage
  • Snow baskets and hiking baskets included (threaded baskets)
  • Rubber boot tip
  • Adjustable soft-touch webbing wrist straps
  • Replaceable (screw in) carbide tip)
  • Sold as single


  • Carbide tip
  • 7075 aluminum


  • 9.5 oz / .27 kg